Checklist yo self before you wreck yo self

by Leon Stafford

Sep 20, 2020

Having been in a depressive funk for several months now, it’s time to publish the checklist I need in these times to help acknowledge and climb out of it.

When I’m feeling depressed or unproductive (the two are closely related for me), I’m mildly aware of the things I’m not doing, yet weirdly refuse to take action and get myself out of the rut.

By publishing this list, I hope to make it harder to avoid pulling myself out of similar funks in the future. To think that I won’t fall into the funk again is naive, having had more regressions in past years, even with arguably ideal lifestyles and environments.

My anti-depressive checklist

Are you doing at least a few of these today? Force yourself and you’ll likely pull yourself up!

A negative watchlist

By repeating things I know aren’t beneficial to me, it leads me downwards.

These are probably done for the quick endorphin releases, but are known signs I’m procrastinating and/or becoming depressed:

Find what makes sense to you

This is really just for my own benefit and something I can refer to when I’m in a depressive funk. If some of it works for you, great, but this is my soulful chicken soup recipe, find your own!

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