Open source developer, low-resource computing proponent.

See the projects I’m currently involved with below.


Open Source Project

Revolutionizing WordPress security and performance with a simple solution. Lock down your dev site and publish as a globally fast, fully-static site. Free and Open Source core, premium Add-ons for advanced usage.


Pro-bono work

Helping with infra and development for this great non-profit providing safe-sleeps to disadvantaged people. I modernized their legacy codebase and ensured users can safely make donations. More work to be done.


Pro-bono work

The ecobricks movement is spreading globally, helping solve the problem of plastics pollutions. My time in SE Asia led me to get involved, becoming a certified trainer and helping with their ops and development.

Jessica Stafford

Pro-bono work

My wonderful sister, the actress / model / presenter from Australia. Modernizing her site to properly reflect her successful achievements. Pre-launch stage

Sydney Makeup Artist

Consulting client

A friend of my sister’s and one of Sydney’s leading hair & makeup artists for film, photography and bridal. Revamping her site to better showcase the high profile work Nicola has been doing. Redevelopment stage

Gado Gado BnB

Pro-bono work

Helping this awesome family-run accommodation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia with their reservations systems and marketing. Early-development stage

Site made with love of these open source tools

The beautifully-crafted OS that forces you to learn how to do things properly.

For better or worse, WordPress powers 30% of the web. ClassicPress reduces some of the bloat.

Text is my material. Learn one text editor well.

Version controlling all the things.

Retaining workspaces on local and remote servers.

Supporting the OpenBSD community with opinionated VMs. €10/yr donated to the OpenBSD Foundation.

To Roman Zolotarev, for helping us Master the Web. My family and friends for enduring my voluntary financial hardship while pursuing my passions.