Business to feed the family

Does the greed for extra profit margins cause more damage to the ecosystem? “I made a G today” “but you made it in a sleazy way” “Selling crack to the kids” “I gotta get paid!” Maybe it’s this “I gotta get paid” part which I hear the most. People tell me how they’d love to work as a volunteer or work on social ventures. Then comes the big “but”, twerking to the tune of “I gotta feed my family”. Business to feed the family full article

Short distance relationships

Can’t live with/out them ? live close to them Does living apart from your partner defy the universally accepted love protocols? Staying withing firing range Love’s great marksman, Cupid, drew back his arrow, he didn’t get into close quarters range for some Krav Maga nut shots. TIL - The furthest recorded accurate shot in competitive archery was set at 283.47 metres in 2015. Definitely, people have maintained long distance relationships over greater distances than this. Short distance relationships full article

Persuasion for humanity

Not all advertising has to be evil Wanting to share your beliefs without imposing on the freedom of others The healthy option Compromising on one’s values can slowly eat away at their sense of self, their confidence and their ability not to compromise in future situations. Perhaps this is contributing to global cases of mental health problems, in that we deep down can understand the effects of habitat destruction, but continue to compromise and consume the products which destroy it. Persuasion for humanity full article

Focusing at different levels

Being social, spiritual or primal Can we balance all of these states of attention? Accepting different levels of awareness I have written of my previous tendency to sway between extremes and this has made me more aware now of similar extremities in my focus of thoughts. At different times, I think my main drivers have been those of: existentialism: packing life into a backpack at 20 to seek meaning in the world social: volunteering to perform a role in the greater community primal: doing the things we do to attract mates and continue our genes When one of these seems futile or perhaps becomes boring, there has been a shift to another level. Focusing at different levels full article

What I believe

Proofless acceptance and self-justification Written more for my children and partner to help understand my actions. Are questions more interesting than statements? “What’s the point?” can often be exasperated in moments of depression. Rather than it’s usual negative lamentation, leading to frustration at the lack of evidential answers, we can choose to embrace it for the beauty of its limitless depth. King’s Quest Yep, I love referencing old computer games. What I believe full article

The true cost of everything

Should vegans become rocks to minimize their impact on the earth and our ears? They may not answer in the affirmative to that, but where does their limit lie? Sidetrack - Extremes and balances I tend to look at and often live in extremes, something I’ve become more aware of with a partner who notices these kinds of things. a hoarder or my life’s in my backpack obsessively vegan or binging on terrible food procrastinating or melded to the computer The above highlight behaviours, but this also hits me when philosophizing about society and humanity. The true cost of everything full article

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