Low footprint tech hub

Aiming to create very low-cost, low-footprint self-contained workstations that can be deployed to areas lacking resources.

A place you go to invest in knowledge and develop skills

“The Knowledge Bank Network”


  • knowledge bank
    • offline WikiPedia, StackOverflow
  • entertainment
    • public domain movies, music, books, games
  • communications
    • share one connection

Ideas to explore:

raspberryPi control unit, acting as router, NAS – OpenBSD – dhcp – pf to share connection – local web server – shows network status – portal to documentation

10 / 100 witches – should be an abundance – how much power do they consume?

  • solar panels
  • inverter

Lowest possible power consumption target to minimize amount of solar/wind required

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Site made with love of these open source tools

The beautifully-crafted OS that forces you to learn how to do things properly.

For better or worse, WordPress powers 30% of the web. ClassicPress reduces some of the bloat.

Text is my material. Learn one text editor well.

Version controlling all the things.

Retaining workspaces on local and remote servers.

Supporting the OpenBSD community with opinionated VMs. €10/yr donated to the OpenBSD Foundation.

To Roman Zolotarev, for helping us Master the Web. My family and friends for enduring my voluntary financial hardship while pursuing my passions.