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How OpenBSD came into my life

Aug 23, 2019

There I was, half open source proponent, half cash poor housesitter, trying to get some free advertising on the Twitterverse. I had likely been searching for "static hosting" for some threads I might be able to ply my wares (static site generator for WordPress) on.

October 7, 2018, there's a post by someone with a long, unfamiliar name. Their post contains familiar words, along with new ones, like OpenBSD and acme-client. It's by @romanzolotarev, talking about hosting a website at OpenBSD Amsterdam for € 60/year and using SSG to build the site.

My initial train of thought was still on promoting WP2Static as a free alternative to paid hosting, so did my usual pitch for those days of hosting a static copy of your WordPress site on Netlify. Roman had some good arguments for self-hosting...

This post comes 10 months later, generated with SSG and hosted on OBSD.ams.