Remove copyright/disclaimer from footer in Coppermine

Hi all,

Been a long time since a post, so thought I should add something useful.

I just spent a long time searching through Coppermine’s code trying
to edit or remove the “Powered by Coppermine” text from the gallery’s
code. I couldn’t edit it without getting multiple copies of the code, so
just removed it altogether.


The folk’s at Coppermine don’t seem to mind you doing this, just don’t ask them for free support after doing it to your gallery (maybe change it back before asking for support )

How to do it:

Open the file located at include/

Search for the string:

$template = str_replace($tmpl_loc['l'], $tmpl_loc['s'] ,$template);

and replace it with:

$template = str_replace($tmpl_loc['l'], '' ,$template);

Save the file, upload it if need be and then test your site. You should now have more freedom with your gallery’s appearance.

A link back to Coppermine
would be a nice thing to do if you don’t have a license, with this
little hack, YOU can decide where you want to stick the disclaimer.

Will be writing more soon,



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