Running WordPress off USB storage (Win & Mac)

UPDATE: The plugin has now been released, please find it here:

WordPress HTML Static Plugin

As a companion to running WordPress on MobileMe hosting, I wanted a way to carry my whole WordPress environment with me on portable media (in my case, a spare SDHC 8GB SD card).

This would involve a portable web server environment which doesn’t need any installation on the host to function. Oh, and to make it harder, I wanted to be able to work at home on my Mac, or at work, on a Windows box.

For Windows, Xampp worked out of the box, following the firections on their site.

Xampp for Mac didn’t offer the same portability, so I found this guide on customising MAMP to work off of a USB device under OS X.

I’m yet to share the htdocs directories or database of each server environment, so atm I just copy the WordPress theme files from one to the other after updating and taking a proverbial dump of the MySQL and re-importing it from the alternate environment each time I switch from Windows to Mac.

For me, this is working and just involves a little manual copying each time, but more automation is needed before I can recommend it to friends…

I did stumble upon a guide of someone who seems to have the dual-environment portable server working well for those seeking inspiration.

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