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diff --git a/src/speaking.html b/src/speaking.html @@ -1,20 +1,23 @@ <h1>Other Media</h1> + <h2>Speaking at conferences, on podcasts and mostly to himself </h2> -<div class="elementor-cta"> -<div class="elementor-cta__bg-wrapper"> -<div class="elementor-cta__bg elementor-bg" style="background-image: url('../wp-content/uploads/2019/03/wcbne-DSCF1305-683x1024wide.jpg');"></div> -<div class="elementor-cta__bg-overlay"></div> -</div> -<div class="elementor-cta__content"> -<h2 class="elementor-cta__title elementor-cta__content-item elementor-content-item"> -Invite Leon to speak at your conference, meetup, company or other event: </h2> -<div class="elementor-cta__description elementor-cta__content-item elementor-content-item"> -<i>For topics covering open source, automation &amp; WordPress</i> </div> -<div class="elementor-cta__button-wrapper elementor-cta__content-item elementor-content-item "> -<a class="elementor-cta__button elementor-button elementor-size-sm" href="../contact/index.html"> -Request </a> -</div> -</div> -</div> +<h3>Talks/interviews</h3> +<ul> + <li> + "Going static to solve security, performance and cost issues", WordCamp Cebu, 2019 + </li> + <li> + "Hosting WordPress for free (at insance speeds)", WordCamp Jakarta, 2019 + </li> + <li> + "WordPress as a Static Site Generator", WordCamp Brisbane,. 2018 + </li> + <li> + "StaticBits Podcast, Season 1, Episode 2" + </li> + <li> + Interview, The Plugin Economy + </li> +</ul>