Success finding sub-5,000 PHP laptop for online work in Philippines!

Having just sold my MacBook Air yesterday and aiming to inspire
prospective online workers here in the Philippines to keep costs low, I
went looking for a capable laptop for or less than 5,000 PHP.

While somethings are cheap in the Philippines, computers are not one
of them! Compared to Japan’s flooded and thriving used PC market, it is
hard to find such a wide selection here.

I ended up at Gilmore, Manila’s largest computer district (I
believe). Asking around for somewhere I could get a sub-5k laptop, I was
directed to “MIP Desktop & Laptop Computers Trading”, where an
Angel (that’s her name actually) finally reduced 2,000 PHP from the
price of one laptop for me, knowing I wouldn’t leave there without a 5k
or lower machine!

The laptop acquired is a Fujitsu FMV-B8200 (,
which basically met my pre-determined minimum requirements of 512MB, 12
(vs 13) inch screen, well thats basically all I was worried about… It
has Wifi, lots of inputs n outputs, fingerprint scanner and good working
battery, but those are all extras.

This machine will be more than capable of being my main work machine,
with Xubuntu alternative ISO downloading now to allow me to install a
stripped down, fast version of Linux.

I’ll be posting a bunch of guides on what software to use for various
development or admin tasks I’ll be doing as an online worker, along
with other tips for working online CHEAPLY.

No reason not to also do this if you are living in a “developed” country, either!


Full address of the store in Gilmore, tell them Leon sent you

3/F Computer Graphics Bldg. 23-25 Gilmore cnr. Aurora Blvd., New Manila, Quezon City

Ph: 416-41-17

[email protected]

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