Web Developer Internship in Manila, Philippines

So you wanna be a web rockstar?

I’m sitting here in my new office in Pasig Co.Lab Xchange, writing up
my current client-work on the whiteboard… somehow I went from 2 clients
at start of year to 7 within the last week or two… plus my social
project and own in-house development work needing doing…

I thought to myself now, it would be great to bring someone young,
fresh and full of energy who wants to be baptised by digital fire and
learn the best way possible!

So, internship anyone??

Must have:

– laptop
– energy
– motivation
– sense of adventure
– some knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
– oDesk account
– 4,500 Pesos + travel costs

The pesos are to cover your rental office space here, which is 4,500
for 1 month. You will be reimbursed this amount via oDesk, earning a
daily rate enough to cover your office rent and travel expenses for the
month (within reasonable amount).

Work hours are from 10am until 8pm, Monday to Friday with me in the
office and then I’ll set you “homework tasks” as required if I feel you
need to study more on something. You will be learning by working, the
best way!

After the first month, if we’re getting along and you are showing
some development, this will likely turn into a fulltime paid position.

I can probably accept up to 3 people simultaneously, so anyone up for adventure, let me know, you can start tomorrow!

**Cheap food, same as what I eat, will be provided, as is all you can drink coffee..!

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