End of donations-only attempt

by Leon Stafford

Mar 21, 2021

As of today, this year, my Stripe income has been AU$394.22. The same period last year saw AU$5,389.47.

Even adding in a little more from Patreon and some direct PayPal donations, it’s unfortunately, not enough for me to survive on.

Easing back into sales

I’d still like to not force software licenses down people’s throats or start email spamming. To balance this, I’ll keep the code in the GitHub repositories free, while adding a purchase flow for the zip installers on

If that generates enough sales, I can leave it at that for the time being. Failing that, I’ll reconsider either my own licensing server again or integrate Freemius’s SDK to handle everything.

Retiring Patreon

I’ll be closing down Patreon and GitHub Sponsors accounts. It doesn’t feel right to keep soliciting donations whilst charging for my software.

A big thanks to those who did donate

It is not that your donation wasn’t appreciated, rather, there simply wasn’t enough volume or interest in the project to allow me to survive with those alone. If you’d like to discuss more with me, please do so via the forum.

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